Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All our packages are carefully prepared to ensure there are no problems. Our products are double vacuum-packed and completely encased in a Mylar barrier ensuring the utmost stealth. Please understand that for security reasons we cannot provide further details about our stealth methods. To know more send us email at

–We try to ship all products from multiple orders together in one parcel but we cannot guarantee this especially for international shipments.
–All international orders will take 6-10 days delivery period.

Shipping price: Express Shipping: 60$
Shipping price: 2-3 Days: 35$
Shipping price: 6-10 Days: 20$

–If you provide us with your address in an incorrect format your order will be automatically canceled.
–Please double check the required address format for your country and or State, and then resubmit your order.

–You will receive shipping info though email after we will process to ship.

–I have to keep a record of your address in case there are any problems, however, as soon as you’ve received your order your address will be deleted. And when next you wanna place another order, you can then provide your delivery address again.

-We accept On Bitcoins, Ethereum's and alt coins. –Here are some sites where you can purchase Bitcoins from:,,

–PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE LEAVING ANY NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!! We’ll do our utmost best to look for a solution! Our priority is to serve you very well so that you can always leave positive remarks/feedback as well as reference us and or bring us more orders/clients.

–Include Apartment/Unit number and postal codes for faster delivery.
–If your address is not in the right format or is non-deliverable as addressed on the tracking due to wrong address format or any reason it is not our fault and we will not be giving refunds or re-ships. So please make sure you give us the right address and format.
–Standard address format.
First Name
Last Name
123 Anywhere St Apt 420 City, CA 00000-0000 Country

Thanks! We look forward to greater business deals together.